Ethereum Paper Wallet Beginner’s Guide

ether paper wallet

It may be safe in the sense that it’s the responsibility of the owner to make sure that it is safe and the private key is not leaked out to someone else. It saves you the worry of hardware malfunction or hackers accessing your keys. It may be unsafe in the sense that if you lose your private keys or make them known to someone else you are at a risk of losing all your money.

ether paper wallet

At the time I did not think that I needed that particular file, as I thought that like Bitcoin, only the public and private keys were essential. A paper wallet will save you the stress of cyber security, hackers and malwares accessing your private keys. You are solely responsible for making sure that your wallet is safe.

An app for managing your funds

Unlike the real world wallets, a crypto wallet does not really store money but will instead save your private and public keys that you will use to do transactions. When choosing an Ethereum wallet, consider factors such as security, ease of use, and intended purpose. Software wallets, like MetaMask, are convenient for regular transactions and interactions with decentralized applications. Hardware wallets, such as Ledger and Trezor, offer enhanced security by keeping private keys offline. Online wallets provide accessibility but may be more vulnerable to online threats. With desktop wallets, your private keys are not stored on a third-party server.

  • This is why Ethereum wallets like Ledger and Trezor have become so popular.
  • Your wallet is your window into your Ethereum account – your balance, transaction history and more.
  • If you are HODLing Litecoins, you can check how to make a Litecoin paper wallet.
  • It also acts as a password but is made explicitly for recovery measures.
  • If you know this already, then skip on to the next section.

Copy the address and give to others so they can send you ETC. These two were generated from your 12 word secret passphrase, and many more may be created with that technology. In case you connected any kind of wallet and you forgot to change the network from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic, you can still do so from the main address page. Now that in the previous step we copied the 12 words, we need to go to the home again and click on the “Access my wallet” button.

Ethereum hardware wallets

In the next screen on Blockscout, you will see the address balance and the transactions below. In the next screen, we will enter the 12 words that we created when creating a new wallet for ETC. In the next screen, MEW will show you all the kinds of wallets that you can connect with your ETC addresses.

After the transaction is sent, on the top right of your address main page you will see a bell with a notification symbol. In the next step, MEW will show you another pop up box with the data of the transaction so you can verify it. To send ETC, go to the address main page again and click on the “Send” button on the left menu.

Step 2

It can no longer be considered secure because you have exposed the private key. You now have a paper wallet that is easy to store and transport. Notice how it is impossible to see the complete private key QR code or text, from any side, without breaking the seals. When you are done printing your paper wallets, shut down Linux and unplug your printer from the power source and your computer. Now it’s safe to connect to the internet from your primary operating system. Make sure you know which password and keystore file goes with which wallet.

  • When you print your private key on physical paper, you leave no digital traces whatsoever.
  • I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2014.
  • To send ETC, go to the address main page again and click on the “Send” button on the left menu.
  • The important thing to understand is that these Airdrops only go to the owners of the private keys.
  • A paper wallet will save you the stress of cyber security, hackers and malwares accessing your private keys.

Whoever has possession of the paper is the owner of the money in that wallet. But even then…fire, and a sharp pair of scissors are big threats to even the most robust paper wallets. Once you have the basic tools, paper wallets are very cheap to make.

Ethereum Paper Wallet Beginner’s Guide

If you don’t want to have paper lying around, then you could just store the password and keystore files somewhere. This file is another way that you can use to get into this paper wallet, so keep it somewhere safe. It is an alternative to a private key, so treat it accordingly. The printer that you use to create your paper wallets is a potential vulnerability too. If the printer is too “smart” then it can store your previous printouts in its memory, which can be downloaded. If you want to separate your ERC20 tokens from your Ether holdings, then creating paper wallets is an easy way to do this.

ether paper wallet

When starting the process on MyEtherWallet you’ll be asked to create a password, this is used to encrypt your keystore file (given to you on the next page). We should note that the password used encrypts ether paper wallet your keystore file, think of this as a backup to your wallet. You’ll need your password and keystore file to unlock with this method. Anyone can use your public key to send Ethereum to you.

KeepKey (a hardware wallet)

The information may be downloaded, encrypted, and even unencrypted. However, the password that was created in the beginning of the entire process is needed for decryption. You can put your JSON file onto a USB drive to prevent it from getting lost or misplaced. Paper wallets eliminate many risks like hardware failures, forgotten passwords, hacking that come with other storage methods. It is the cheapest and simplest way to store crypto. With, you can now keep your Ethereum completely safe.

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